Dixon Battery

With Dixon get one of the most trusted batteries brand that has a special design and is made with high quality raw materials. Our products are designed to withstand harsh climate of India and ensures you optimium power every time.

  • Inverter Batteries
  • Automotive Battery
  • Solar Battery
Inverter Batteries
Main Features of our Inverter Batteries
  • Higher charge acceptance
  • Specialized lead alloys used resistance to corrosion leading to longer life
  • Positive plates: pressure die spines for higher reliability and longer life
  • Very low maintenance
  • Deep cycle design & very low self discharge
  • Larger size microporus ceramic vent plugs used to topping up frequently
  • Separators: polyethylene sleeves used
  • Tested as per ISO 13369 standard
Technical Specification
IT Battery Specification
Battery TypeCapacity @ C20Dimension (MM)Charging Current MaxFilled Weight (Kg)
DTTB-1100IT 500110 AH4981864981150
DTTB-1300IT 500130 AH4981864981353
DTTB-1600IT 500150 Ah4981864981957
DTTB-1800IT 500180 AH4981864981861
DTTB-2000IT 500200 AH4981864982064
Automotive Battery
Main Features of our Automotive Batteries
  • Designed with higher charge acceptance
  • we use specialized lead alloys used for ultra low maintenance, high cranking performance & long life
  • We use SUNLIGHT double side pasting machine for better performance
  • We use curing chamber for making good quality plates
  • Polyethylene envelop seprator with glass mat separators
  • Tested as per IS 14257 & JIS

Technical Specification

Automotive Battery Specification Chart
Battery TypeCapacity @ C20Dimension (MM)Charging Current MaxFilled Weight (Kg)
DB-44B 20R/LNS-4035 AH19512722039
DB-650 60R/LN-5050 AH260172225516
DB-800 80R/LN-7080 AH303173225719
DB-900 90N-10090 AH408172232925.6
DB-115D 31N-10095 AH408172232926.3
DB-1000N-100100 AH4081722321027
DB-1200N-120120 AH5151852301233
DB-1500N-150150 AH5152122301536.4
DB-1800N-200180 AH5192732301545
Solar Battery
Main Features of our Solar Batteries
  • Specially Designed By For Spv Application
  • Higher Charger Efficiency. AH Efficiency – In Excess of 90%. WH Efficiency – In excess of 80%
  • Special Alloy Used For High Charger Efficiency
  • Low Rate Of Self Discharge
  • 3000 Cycle @ 50% DOD Or 50000 Cycle @ 20% DOD
  • Positive Plates have pressure die Casting Spines for Higher Reliability and Longer Life
  • Flat pasted Negative Plates

Technical Specification

Jumbo Battery Specification Chart (36 Months: 18+18)
Battery TypeCapacity @ C20Dimension (MM)Charging Current MaxFilled Weight (Kg)


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